Virtue Sources is known to be one of the leading recruitment agencies in India and we certainly believe that it has been our dedication that has helped us achieve that. We have strived hard to ensure that we can provide only the best of services to our clients. It could be quite intimidating to find out that one candidate who has all the skills right for the job role but that is precisely what we ace in. After years of experience in this field, today we can proudly say that when it comes to client sourcing, Virtue Sources holds the most proactive proforma!


Our Areas of Service

As a candidate outsourcing firm, our major prerogative is to find individuals who possess the required skills that you are searching for as an employer. We tend to work in various domains and help in candidate sourcing for the IT domains like software development, testing, website designing & development, and even digital marketing. We also provide apt candidates in the Non-IT fields such as Banking, Financial Services, Pharma, and also Manufacturing. However, we do believe that if we had to choose our specialty, it would certainly be none other than Financial Services, BPO/KPO, and the US mortgage industry. We have the most promising and experienced individuals on the radar when it comes to Financial Services. Thus, we can offer you potent choices in that particular domain! As a recruitment agency in India, we tend to work in the following sectors:




Recruitment Services

As the name would suggest, in this field, we outsource candidates keeping compliance with your requirements. Each and every employer has its own set of requirements; we try to abide by that and provide you with choices that are the best of their kind. But before they undergo a thorough screening process and are sent for the final round of interviews at the client’s space. We tend to ensure a stringent background check as well that holds the proof of authenticity.


Executive Search

Trying to find candidates for your firm and that too in the executive position? Well, we are with you if you think that this process is difficult and delicate. It is our prerogative to source candidates who display the most promising experience as well as skillsets when it comes to hiring for executive positions. Be it the requirements for a chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief technical officer (CTO), or even any other domain, we have got you covered!


Manpower Planning

Another field that often needs expertise attention is planning the manpower resources of your company. It becomes very difficult to segregate resources for utmost potential and that is exactly where Virtue Sources excel. Our manpower planning service is perfect for you if you are new to the domain and need professional advice! We focus on the prime areas of the existing workflow and chalk out the best strategy to help you run the organization smoothly.


Training and Developement

One of the major reasons why clients keep on trusting us with their requirements is that we do carry out training and development programs as well. During this hour we take up the clients’ needs for a certain skill set and ensure that we provide quality training & development programs to make the candidates ready for the projects. The training & development program at Virtue Sources is always tailored as per the desired skill set.



Our working process – how we work for our Seekers










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