Executive Search


Executive Search

The employees are no doubt the most important aspect of your company, but the Ones who serve as a backbone is the executive employee. These are the ones who streamline the entire process and ensure the smooth functioning of your company. But has it happened to you that it became really intimidating for you to search for the best options and in the process, you could not settle upon who is the best pick? Well if that is the case, you should certainly consult us at Virtue Sources. Being a top HR recruitment firm in India we have the best candidates who not only function well in executive positions but also know what will work best for your esteemed organization.

Best Candidates for You

If you are wondering who the candidates we hire for your executive position are, then we do have a myriad of options. The domains in which we provide assistance include:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO): This is one of the major positions in a company and requires individuals who are not only dynamic but also versatile and have experience in the field. We source the best candidates who are then screened strategically so that you get hold of those who are best of the lot.
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Being a Financial Services, Banking, BPO/ KPO specialized service provider, this field is our strongest domain. A Chief Financial Officer is most often responsible for all the financial-related decisions made and hence has to be very well equipped in the field. We take forth the most competitive and industrious candidates who are fit for your requirements.
  • Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO): Not only CFO or CEO, but the smooth functioning of a company also depends to a great extent on how well the human resources team is functional. They are generally the bridge between the company and the employees and hence as a Chief Human Resources Officer, an individual should not only know how to communicate well but also possess leadership qualities. We have experts who take up candidates with the potential and then after grooming and screening the best ones of the lot, they are sent to our clients for the final interview. Barring these three, as a recruitment agency in India, we also deal with the other executive positions which are company-specific and can vary from one domain to the other.

Are Virtue Sources True to Their Virtue?

Hiring candidates particularly for executive positions is not easy and it requires an immense understanding of the field to make the right decisions. Some of the primary reasons why you should move forth with our recruitment services are:

  • Best of the candidates from each field with not only a high educational qualification but also the required soft skills.
  • Budget-friendly services to fit the needs of both small and big scale businesses.
  • We initiate a preliminary screening process at our end so that only the best candidates go for the final round.
  • We deal in a variety of industries be it IT or Non – IT-related domains. However, the sector that we specialize the most in is Financial Services, Banking, US Mortgage Industries, BPO/KPO.
  • We conduct various placement drives such as Campus Hirings, Lateral Hirings, Fresher Walk-ins, Telephonic Interviews, and more.

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