Do You Have Any

We understand that it could be very tough to select someone without knowing enough about them. This is why we have attempted to get hold of your pertinent questions and answer them in a detailed format. At Virtue Sources, it is our virtue to ensure that clients are aware of whom they are signing up for!

Virtue Sources is a name that has been in the domain for years now. We have worked with numerous clients in the field and provided them with the most promising candidates.
The charges are not refundable because this is certainly not a product that we are offering. In most cases, we do take the payment after the client is content with our service. In case you are not, we can replace the candidate.
The screening process is initiated so that we can get you the most genuine candidates who are vested in the job role. In case of emergencies, we can work out a deal that is suitable for both our clients as well as us without compromising on the quality of the screening process.
Yes, at Virtue Sources we do work in this way also. In most cases, we like to get in touch with the clients and provide them with the kind of outsourcing they are looking for.