Recruitment Services


Recruitment Services

Tired of looking for the most efficient candidates when it comes to your company and running out on efficiency? Well don’t worry as the virtue at Virtue Sources is to find the best candidates who are just fit for all your requirements. We have tried to make this search a cakewalk for you and hence came up with options that are only the best of the lot. We have been serving as a premium HR recruitment firm in Kolkata, India and it is our responsibility ensure that your organization gets the most beneficial recruits. All you would need to do is call us and give us an opportunity to serve you- we will be elated and the screening process will certainly be stringent!

Skilled Candidates as Per the Need

  • IT-Sourcing: Be it software development, software testing, digital marketing or even web designing, we source the most skilled candidates who know how to get your job done!
  • Non-IT Sourcing: Not only IT related requirements, but we also regularly source candidates for the non-IT related requirements. For example, in Finance (Our Core strength), manufacturing, Human resources, admin & maintenance, Pharma, and more. This regimen is quite stringent and only the best ones are hired.
  • Our Area of Specialization: Although we regularly indulge in sourcing candidates for IT and Non-IT related requirements, we specialise in finance-related branches. Be it banking, insurance or even investment branches, we deal with the best!

Why Should You Give Us an Opportunity to Serve You?

Today we know that the competition is very tough and the major reason is there are so many options when it comes to a recruitment agency in Kolkata. However, we have tried to step up our process and ensure that you get exposed to premium quality candidates who know their job well. We could give a host of reasons so that you select us, but it seems only feasible to mention the ones which make us stand apart from the others.

  • 1. Best Candidates: This is the central requirement when you are hiring HR consultants in Kolkata, India. We have a very tight screening schedule and this ensures that as clients you get exposed to only the best candidates. We understand that every company ultimately requires someone who is efficient and knows well how to handle the job responsibilities. Virtue Sources keep this poignant thought in mind and devise the most comprehensive recruitment process.
  • 2. Budget Centric: It is true that for a company to start working proactively, the entire mechanism should be well planned. This definitely includes that factor of the budget as well because, for new start-ups, this becomes a very big issue. However, you do not have to worry as Virtue Sources was formed on the grounds of providing the best services but at pocket-friendly prices. For years we have seen that clients could not afford quality services and a major reason behind this factor was the price range. We have a separate team that specifically goes through the recruitment policies and devices options that are well suited for you.
  • 3. Time-Saving: It saves your company ample resources so that you do not have to conduct the entire screening process. We will ensure that we get the best of candidates for your needs and a team of the most efficient employees get back to you. In order for a company to run effectively, this factor should always be given enough importance.

Virtue Sources is one of the most premium HR recruitment agencies in Kolkata, India and it has been our priority to serve the best to our clients. If you have any kind of recruitment related requirements for whom you would need assistance, all you need to do is call us and we will set up the most rigorous regime, tailor-made just for you!

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